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Water problems can become significant if not attended to immediately. However, they are not easy to handle on your own. You will need the help of experts to avert further damage, contain the already affected spaces, dry those areas and free your home of any health hazards water has brought in. For this, all the experts of Action 1 Restoration West Valley City. Action 1 Restoration of West Valley City water removal & extraction teams have been serving the local community and various businesses for years now. Whether you are residing to the west in the direction of the Oquirrh Mountains or toward the east approaching the Jordan River, we’ll be able to help you out.

Commercial & Residential

Action 1 Restoration is a home repair business for both commercial and residential units. Our local team of contractors in West Valley has served the city for many years now. They know how to deal appropriately with business owners and homeowners, and they are adept on health and finance aspects specific to the locals. They can help you ease the burden brought by this event in ways like insurance claim processing and getting the cheapest service possible.

Emergency Services

We offer our emergency services for people who experience sudden water mishaps. These emergency services are available 24/7. You can help us do the remediation job faster if you can give us details when placing your call. Explain thoroughly your situation, so we can send your way the right technicians and the right devices.

Highly Trained Technicians

The crème of our service is our highly trained technicians. After going through a rigorous application process and acceptance to the team, they are made to undergo monthly trainings for knowledge updating, self-assessment and customer service. You can talk with these men on matters related to the job and about your concerns.

Cost of Water Removal in West Valley City

Water removal and drying services in West Valley have an average cost of $2100. Prices must not go beyond $2500. The city is a suburb region of Salt Lake City, so you can ask for comparisons with services located in Salt Lake. If tight on the budget, you may call us for special considerations.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration of West Valley City Team for Water Damage Repair!

Commercial & Residential

We will attend to your water removal issue with the right equipment. First, we will conduct a quick assessment of the situation— this enables us to provide a tailored solution to the problem. After the assessment, we will present you with a cost estimate subject to your approval and further adjustments as the work progresses. The idea is to do everything quick so we can prevent further losses. If it is a business, delays will result to possible financial losses. If it is a house, continuous water incursion can lead to further destruction of possessions and degradation of the house’s structural integrity.

Emergency Services

Whether your water damage is caused by snow, or rain, or by mismanagement in your water system, Action 1 Restoration is ready to implement emergency remediation procedures. We are available, even during snowfall days. After all, the city receives about 50 inches of snowfall annually. The US average is only 26.

Our 24/7 water extraction & removal emergency services include:

  • • Plumbing system fixing
  • • Sewage water extraction and cleaning
  • • Carpet and floor pad drying
  • • Structural drying – walls, floors, ceilings, etc.
  • • Air dehumidification and cleaning
  • • Sanitizing of affected areas and possessions
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