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When struck with a water removal problem in Salt Lake City, don’t panic. Be in control. Better yet, get professionals to help you. Call Action 1 Restoration Salt Lake City. Action 1 Restoration of Salt Lake City has water removal & extraction services that is guaranteed to help people out of their water disaster predicament quickly.

Commercial & Residential

Action Restoration 1 water removal services go for businesses and homes in Salt Lake City. For both types, it is important that quick re-normalization of operations be done. Containment of affected spaces will be done first. Extraction of water will follow. Drying will be next. Cleaning and sanitation will be last. This quick process is designed to avert further damage to properties and finances.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services ensure that distressed homes and businesses are taken care of immediately. To quickly put the situation under control, we need to send the right men and the right tools. Giving us crucial details of your water damage issue at your first call can help us a lot.

Equipment We Use for Water Removal

Action 1 Restoration teams of experts use only advanced equipments. Our extractors are equipped with powerful vacuum motors. We also use high-grade dehumidifiers that remove large amounts of moisture from air. Our drying devices can eliminate residual water from behind cabinets and underneath floors.

Cost of Water Removal in Salt Lake City

Average cost of water removal services in Salt Lake City is $2100, which is about $100 lower than Idaho Falls. If you are tight on the budget at the moment, allow Action 1 Restoration to talk with your insurance provider to obtain the highest compensation possible. Action 1 Restoration also has options for easier payments.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration of Salt Lake City Team for Water Damage Repair!

Commercial and Residential

Our water removal & extraction services are designed for homes and businesses alike. Aware that water damage can spread by the hour, we remind everyone to act quickly to avert further destruction. Your property, possessions and even your reputation as a business are at stake.

For residential and commercial entities, we assure you of a quality service, one that does not cut corners in order to quickly gain your money. We operate very efficiently so that you can regain occupancy of your property or business and resume your normal routines in no time.

Emergency Services

At the onset of water intrusion, it is not only your properties and possessions that are put at risk. Your health and lives may might be put at risk as well. This is because water damage can actually cause a number of health issues, and not least of which would be bacterial contamination.

We will do our best to keep that from happening—but to do so, you must inform us of the emergency quickly. One call and we’ll send out our crew to where you are.

They will quickly install barriers to stop more water from flowing in. Blockages will be installed to avert further water movement to the lower parts of your house or business establishment. After successful blocking, extraction and drying will follow.

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