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When water disaster strikes and you need professional help, call Action 1 Restoration Provo. Our water removal & extraction services are designed to ensure customer safety and health. We will use all means available to make sure that your property is protected. Replacement and repair will be implemented in accordance to the standards set by authorities.

Commercial & Residential

We offer both commercial and residential services in Provo. Water from workplaces must be quickly removed. Aside from health risks, your business can also suffer from huge financial losses. For homes, cleaning the air and evaluating health hazards must be quickly done. Our professional teams use advanced equipment for evaluating respiratory risks and level of safety.

Emergency Services

We treat all water events as emergencies. Our technicians are instructed to be always on alert and quickly respond to calls for help. They will come to your place with the right tools, so remediation processes can be quickly applied. Water extraction will be immediately done. Drying procedures will be done next. Our team will use the most appropriate processes for your given water situation.

Equipment We Use for Water Removal

Action 1 Restoration places premium in quality tools. Our technicians are constantly reminded to check the market for the latest machineries and equipment. Our current inventory includes powerful water extractors and quality devices that can be used anywhere in your property. Our equipment will not cause disturbance in the neighborhood.

Cost of Water Removal in Provo

Average cost in Provo is $2200. Action 1 Restoration offers special payment options for people in distress. Discuss with our representative your chose payment option. We can help also in processing your insurance claims. Our company is a partner of most insurance providers operating in the city. Be prepared with your documents.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration of Provo Team for Water Damage Repair!

Commercial & Residential

Action 1 Restoration of Provo offers commercial and residential services. We have helped many restaurants and businesses in the shopping centers of the city. Several small shops, boutiques and music venues downtown have also been handled by our local experts during their water emergencies.

For all businesses, it is important to act quickly. Water emergencies bring about huge financial losses. For families, it is important to keep the structural integrity of the house. Prolonged water incursion will also lead to mold formation which can result in various health problems. However, don’t fret! Action 1 Restoration also offers mold remediation services.

Fast Response Times

Our crew of professionals are committed to providing services in a timely manner and in way that will ensures the job is done properly. When they come to your place, all you need to do is show them the problem and provide the important details. From there, they will handle everything, making sure that the area is contained to prevent further damage.

We have a roving team that can be dispatched to your place, making sure that they will be at your door within 2 hours. After all, every water damage issue is an urgent one. The sooner it gets fixed, the better for your home or your business.

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