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Action 1 Restoration is the name you should trust if you are looking for a great quality water damage restoration in Orem, Utah. For years, we have made a name for ourselves as the authority in commercial and residential restoration projects in the state of Utah. Our experts in water damage will get your property back to good shape. The demands of commercial and residential restoration are starkly different. In fact, there are some contractors who are specialists on one type of property but cannot perform the other. At Action 1 Restoration, there are no such concerns. We have experts that can deal with both residential and commercial restoration projects.

Commercial and Residential

For water removal services in both commercial and residential settings, the name you should trust is Action 1 Restoration. As the best choice for water damage restoration in Orem, Utah, you are guaranteed to get the best service with our help. Our combination of specialty equipment and experienced services help us stand out from the rest.

Emergency Services

In the event of water damage emergencies, Action 1 Restoration in Orem is the name you should trust. With our services available 24 hours daily, we are ready to respond to any call of distress at any given time. Our team of experts are ready to be dispersed to any part of the city on short notice, providing top-notch service even in an emergency basis.

Specialty Equipment

We use a number of specialty equipment to ensure that our restoration projects are done right. Each tool that we use serves a purpose in properly completing our full process of rebuilding buildings damaged by water. From water drainage pumps to disinfectants, our team is well-equipped for the challenges of water damage restoration.

Experienced Services

Action 1 Restoration is the authority in water damage restoration in Orem, Utah. We have been plying our trade in the state for years, and we have steadily garnered a strong track record for our quality of service. Our experience in handling water damage restoration as well as other restoration projects will come in handy as we serve you.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration of Orem Team for Water Damage Repair!

Emergency Services

There are some situations when water damage can be considered an emergency. Sudden flooding or the collapse of important structural elements in your property are just some examples of water damage emergency. For such situations, a prompt response is absolutely needed. In case of emergency, you can call Action 1 Restoration.

Action 1 Restoration has been offering emergency services for Orem residents for years. We have earned a strong track record for providing prompt and competent emergency restoration services for both residential and commercial buildings in the city. Our services are available 24 hours a day, and we are ready to respond to your calls at a moment’s notice.

Specialty Equipment

Restoring properties back to their former glory requires a very specific process to complete, and part of this process involves the use of specialized tools and equipment. Here at Action 1 Restoration we use a number of special equipment to make sure that your property is properly fixed. It’s just part of our commitment to serve you well.

For water damage restoration, here are some examples of specialty tools that we use. We use heavy-duty pumps to drain out visible water from your property within minutes. We also use dryers that will remove excess moisture from the air, trapped in between gaps, and absorbed by your furniture. Lastly, we use disinfectants to eliminate bacteria and fungi that may cause bad odors and disease.

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